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A leading provider of mobile application testing and EDI services in Dallas, TX USA. Our services ensure the apps are user-friendly and hassle-free.

"Get a Mobile Application Perfect Enough to Survive in the App Jungleā€

The quality of any mobile application is a cornerstone of its success in the jungle of apps. To get those desired 5-star ratings, a mobile application needs to rise above every challenge and deliver high performance under any circumstances.

Following the best testing practices, will not only help ensure that your app works on a variety of different devices and your users have an annoyance-free experience, but it will also help you to reach out many more users positive referrals, media share, ratings and reviews. The best practices in the mobile testing take into an account all the restrictions imposed by hardware and software, app store requirements and a number of SDKs.

Mobile Application Testers

Established in 2019, Mobile Application Testers are professionals in testing mobile applications through tons of tools and resources like Perfecto Mobile, Eggplant, Device Anywhere, Robotium and many highly advanced tools to deliver the perfect application.

Types of mobile application Testing we offer-

Manual Testing

We, at Mobile Application Testers, provide you with many different wide-ranging manual testing options which helps in testing the application’s usability under the guidance of competent test engineers, test analysts and test managers.

Services We Offer: –

  1. User documentation review.
  2. Improved quality of your application.
  3. Reduced Delivery Time.
  4. Provide extensive testing status reports, such as test reports, bug reports, and test documentation.
  5. Analyzing the requirements and functional specifications of different functions and their inter-dependency of other functions.

Automation Testing: –

Our proficient automation engineers help you to build your automated test environment by creating automated test scripts, regression testing that is repetitive activity and generating effective reports by a thorough evaluation of each test cycle.

Services We Offer: –

  1. Provide in-house testing frameworks for execution and building the client test environment in quickest possible way.
  2. Develop automated test scripts and extensive test cases.
  3. Detailed reports by a thorough assessment of each test cycle.
  4. Regression testing of the mobile application.

Performance Testing: –

Performance testing allows in measuring the quality attributes of the system such as scalability, reliability and usage. We, at Mobile Application Testers, help you with measuring the performance attributes of your application to survive even in the high traffic scenarios.

Major Services We Offer: –

  1. Identify the problem areas related to memory leakage and resource usage.
  2. Identify relatively weak server attributes for fine-tuning the performance.
  3. Simulate real-time traffic with distributed load testing framework.

By providing a wide range of QA and testing services, Mobile Application Testers has become one of the best mobile application testing companies in Dallas, TX USA.

Quality Assured Apps

We provide quality assured mobile testing services and expert assistance in deploying and delivering mobile applications through advanced automated tools. Get mobile applications tested for native, and hybrid apps. Our testing services ensure that mobile apps are user-friendly, easy to maintain and hassle-free. Get applications with unique functionality, usability and consistency. We are known to deliver top-notch user-experience to our clients.