Open Source Acceptance Testing Framework to write and execute tests for iOS and Android Apps.

Open Source Acceptance Testing Framework

Calabash is an open-source acceptance testing framework that allows us to write and execute tests for iOS and Android applications. It is an automated UI framework in which the tests are written in Ruby using the Cucumber framework.

It works by enabling automatic UI interactions within a mobile application such as pressing buttons, inputting text, validating responses, etc. Calabash testing can be configured to run on different Android and iOS devices, which provides real-time feedback and validations.

It is a Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) where instead of creating tests to describe the APIs, behaviour of applications is specified.

Features of Calabash Testing

  1. It increases the throughput/productivity.
  2. Increases consistency of the output and reduces labour costs and expenses.
  3. Improved quality and enhanced predictability of quality.
  4. Calabash vs Appium: supports the Cucumber framework which lets you express the behaviour of your app using natural language that can be easily understood by business experts and non-technical QA staff.