Cost-Effective, end-to-end solutions for mobile application development, test automation and deployment which is accessible over its core technology platforms.

End-to-End Solutions for Mobile Application Testing

DeviceAnywhere offers convenient and cost-effective end-to-end solutions for mobile application development, mobile device testing online, certification, monitoring, test automation and deployment.

Use-Cases of Mobile Application Developers

Device to Device Communication In IoT

It provides comprehensive support for all hardware functions of a device by enabling the testers to do whatever their end-user can do on the device including- multi-tap, touch screen, swiping, mute, power on/off, battery, camera, vibration, volume, etc.

It is an award-winning technology that has served thousands of organizations for 6 years and a widely used standard protocol for mobile developers.

Device to Device Communication Applications

Provides a software-only option exclusively for smartphone app development and test automation and is available in a lab environment. Perfect for enterprise mobility applications and client applications designed exclusively for smartphones.

Device-to-Device Express

Ensures the fastest possible turnaround and is an ideal choice for those people within mobile operators and device manufacturers that are responsible for handset testing and certification.

Why Do We Use DeviceAnywhere?

  1. The biggest advantage of using DeviceAnywhere is, it provides many devices for testing.
  2. The devices in its library are located in more countries letting you test on more networks and enables mobile device testing online.
  3. After downloading DeviceAnywhere, the tests run faster.
  4. DeviceAnywhere has been around for so long that it has access to many obsolete devices which can be important for some mobile testing projects.