FoneMonkey is a tool used by both developers and testers. It offers possibilities to save scripts, read and easily modify it. FoneMonkey is designed to support the developers and quality control tests.

Automation Testing Tool for iOS Applications

FoneMonkey is an easy to learn tool that can be used effectively by both developers and testers. It offers large possibilities to save scripts, load, read and conveniently update it. Users are able to create test suites that automate the execution of the operation sequences and check the results.

FoneMonkey cloud testing can be easily assimilated into continuous integration environments. Using FoneMonkey automation tools, Mobile Application Testers automate the iPhone apps testing by recording, playing back the user interactions and verifying the results.

The FoneMonkey framework provides categories that record and plays back events for instances of the UIView class and all its sub-classes.

Features of FoneMonkey

  1. Robust script recording and playback.
  2. Code generation options – generation of ready-to-run scripts in Objective C under OCUnit or JavaScript under Apple’s UI Automation tools.
  3. Can be optimized for both iPhones and iPads and user interfaces.
  4. It works on both simulators and real devices.
  5. Completely automated test playbacks.

FoneMonkey provides the functionality to easily record, edit and add verification steps to scripts by simply interacting with your apps on iOS device.