No more emulators. Now swipe, scroll, and tap on a cloud device with Kobiton because a perfect mobile experience starts with quality.

A Cloud Platform for Automated and Manual Tests

Testing on new mobile devices is really a crucial task to ensure your app works perfectly on different device configurations and screen resolutions. With Kobiton, we can continuously test your app on a wide range of mobile devices ranging from old models to the latest releases.

Instead of using emulators and simulators, which tend to stop at any time during real user conditions, Kobiton allows us to execute automation tests through real device testing. It produces test reports for the tests and those reports are comprised of detailed logs, HTTP commands and the metadata.

Features of Kobiton

1. It supports manual and automated real device testing.
2. It also supports parallel testing.
3. It allows to record video and capture screenshots
4. Supports integration with popular tools like Jenkins, JIRA, GitHub, TeamCity, Travis CI.
5. It provides comprehensive support for Appium, a leading tool for mobile automation.
6. Partnered with Katalon Studio, a highly acclaimed and innovative test automation tool.
7. Kobiton pricing is usage time based and thus is a cheaper option

Kobiton allows our Mobile Application Testers, seamless access to real physical devices in the cloud with complete support for orientation, gestures and many more.