Robotium is the most commonly used Android testing framework to automate the test cases for native and hybrid applications. Using Robotium Android Testing Tool, the developer can create strong and automatic GUI test cases for Android applications.

Robotium Testing Framework

Standard testing frameworks have some limitations as-

  1. Unable to handle multiple test cases simultaneously.
  2. Execution performance is slow.
  3. Text cases are complex and hard to implement.

Robotium test cases can be executed on a real Android device or in an emulator. Mobile Application Testers use Robotium mobile testing tools framework which is a better choice for conducting tests on Android applications.

Robotium is an open source framework and is considered an extension of the Android test framework. Using Robotium Android testing tool, the developer can create robust and automatic GUI test cases for Android mobile applications. Moreover, the developer can write functional, system and acceptance test case scenarios, with multiple Android activities.

Advanced Features of Robotium: 

  1. Robotium can handle multiple Android activities.
  2. Gives high performance and high test-coverage.
  3. Test cases are simple and robust.
  4. Smoothly integrates with Maven, Gradle or Ant.
  5. Faster Test Execution.
  6. Requires minuscule knowledge of the application under test.