Eggplant testing tool helps businesses to test, monitor, and analyze their end-to-end user experience and consistently improve their business outcomes.

Faster, User-Centric Test Automation for Any Device or Platform

By taking a user-centric approach to application testing with Eggplant tool, Mobile Application Testers ensure a consistent, multichannel experience, responsive design, dynamic content, and performance. Additionally, its highly productive and low maintenance scripting abilities have proven to be 4-7 times faster than any other automation tools.

Eggplant Testing Tool Review

1. It can be installed and run on Linux, macOS X and Windows operating systems.
2. Eggplant automated testing tools let us assimilate with application lifecycle management software including HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Quality manager and Jenkins.
3. Eggplant tool lets the users test the functionality and performance of a developed application on any device or operating system regardless of coding language.

From mobile applications to desktops to mainframes, from functional testing to performance testing, from QA automation to live monitoring, from media to defence to financial services, Eggplant testing tool help the testing team improve their productivity and quality.

Eggplant AI

Through Eggplant AI, Mobile Application Testers test your application faster and better with less effort by automating the execution of your functional testing. Eggplant can interact with any device including mobile, tablet, desktop, server and the IoT devices in the same way a user does.

Eggplant AI uses advanced image and text search algorithms to locate the objects on the screen and then drive the device.