Jamo Solutions provide a codeless cloud-based tool that let us focus on the test cases without the hassle of scripting.

Hassle Free Scripting in a Codeless Cloud-Based Tool

Jamo solutions have enabled the companies worldwide to deliver the highest quality applications to their clients by providing robust test automation technology targeting iOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry using UFT, Microsoft Visual Studio, HP and Eclipse.

Jamo Automator

Jamo Automator captures the user’s action as he navigates through the app on a mobile phone or tablet. It records them as enhanced screenshots. Jamo Automator creates a comprehensive view of all the steps and actions of the test cases by using images and displaying the flow of the test case.

Screenshots and UI information makes easy for us to navigate the automated test cases. The users can add, delete or change action by simply tapping on the image and reviewing its data such as graphics, buttons, or text.

M-eux Test Documentation

M-eux (Mobile End User Experience) Test automates the test cases for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and Windows Phone. M-eux Test is the foundation of all the other tools of Jamo Solutions. It allows us to automate test cases for native, web and hybrid applications on all major platforms.

Services Provided by Jamo Solutions

Jamo Solutions mobile test automation provide both test automation product, M-eux Test, and a mobile cloud offering, and Remote Test Kit; providing companies with all the tools they require to focus on the quality of their mobile apps.

Features of Jamo Solutions

With visual UI recognition, a data-driven test case is made within just a few minutes without writing a single line of code.