Bots Translator

EDI software creates a computer to computer exchange of business data. The software is used for fast transfer of business documents within the companies and between the business partners including suppliers and customers.

Open Source EDI Using Bots Translator

An EDI translator is also known as EDI software or EDI translation software. It provides a means of transforming EDI data compatible with Windows, Unix, AS400 and other types of computers and operating systems.  Bots is complete software for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Bots EDI is a free open-source EDI translator used to transfer business documents within the company or between the business partners. Bots offers the following major features:

  1. All major EDI data formats are supported: EDIFACT, X12, TRADACOMS, XML, SAP, Flat Files, json etc.
  2. It can run on Windows, Linux, OSX, and Unix.
  3. Bots can handle high volumes of EDI transactions.
  4. EDI Bots is flexible and can be configured for your specific EDI needs.
  5. Support many client communication methods: FTP, SFTP, FTPS, SMTP, POP3, etc.

Powerful Translations

  1. Bots translates from one format to another. Provides partner dependent translations.
  2. Powerful mapping- Easy query of EDI messages to retrieve and place the content.
  3. It can tackle the ‘many similar yet different translations’ in a sensible way.
  4. Fully Integrated Unicode (Character Sets).

Management of EDI Flows (Bots-Monitor)

  1. View business documents like orders and invoices, incoming and outgoing EDI flows, and content of EDI files.
  2. View the send and received acknowledgements/confirmations (997, control).
    Re-send and re-receive the EDI messages via the interface.
  3. Bots-monitor is web-based, can be used from any workstation in your company.

Flexible Deployment

  1. Communication and translations can be manually started or scheduled. E.g. ERP software.
  2. Automatic restart of EDI files when communication fails.
  3. Use interface over HTTP or HTTPS/SSL.
  4. Archiving of EDI files.
  5. Directory monitoring (version 3.0).

Technical Features

  1. Bots is platform independent. Can run on Windows, Linux, OSX and Unix as well.
  2. Uses Python as a programming language. Uses Django Web Framework.
  3. Provides powerful debugging options when developing EDI translations.
  4. Bots uses MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.